Last Letter : a traditional word game but with cards

I’m going to guess that you have all played a version of this game when you were kids, probably even in a car. You pick a category, and string together words where the last letter in the previous word is the first in the next. Sound familiar? Last Letter is a spin on this, using large cards with really interesting illustrations to move the game forward. It requires speed and creativity, but I’m sure you’re up for it!

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Pescado : roll for fish

Over the christmas holidays I went to Prague with a friend, and as has become somewhat of a tradition I brought home a couple of games as souvenirs. One of them was Pescado from Steffen-Spiele. The rules were in German, but there is no in-game text and I thought the game that the store had open on the table looked pretty so I took a chance. That chance paid off as it turned out to be a lovely little game of rolling dice and claiming tiles from a pool of beautiful stylised fish.

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