Aquädukt : steal water from your neighbour

Sometimes you buy a game pretty much blindly, based on a recommendation or the art or something else. And sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. I bought a set of three used games based on a recommendation, and one of them was Aquädukt. In this instance it did work out. If you have looked at other posts on the blog you can probably figure out that I lean way more towards eurogames than american style. And this is very much a euro game. A light one, but 100% euro for sure. You’re in ancient Rome, building a new sprawling city in the beautiful countryside. But as all good Romans know, a house is not worth anything unless it’s provided with water. So as you build your houses you have to make sure the city’s aqueducts reach your house, but not your enemy’s. Ready to get your hands dirty and your feet wet? Let’s get going!

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