Star Wars – Empire vs Rebellion : which side are you on?

May the fourth be with you! In case you’ve missed it, today is Star Wars day and I thought I should honour that by reviewing a themed game. So let’s go back to a time of galactic unrest. The Empire has the galaxy in a firm grip, with Emperor Palpatine and his loyal servant Darth Vader spreading terror everywhere. But a small band of Rebels are fighting for freedom for the galaxy, and with the Force on their side they might even stand a chance…

Which side will you choose in this struggle of Empire vs Rebellion?

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Firefly Fluxx : you can’t take the sky from me

Fluxx is a polarising game. Some people hate it, others love it. Where do I fall on that scale? I love it, a lot. It’s absolutely my favourite filler game, and I often play it on its own for quite a long time. With its ever-changing rules and many different themed decks it is a game I doubt I will ever tire of. The latest Fluxx edition, released just a week and a half ago, is Firefly Fluxx. Now, I said that Fluxx is my favourite filler game, and Firefly, well that one of my favourite tv shows of all time. So when I saw that there would be a combination of the two I was ecstatic. And here it finally is. So put on your cunning hat and fire up those engines, because we aim to misbehave!

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Love Letter x2 : woo the princess or claim the Arkenstone

Few good games fit in your pocket, but Love Letter is an exception. It’s a brilliant card game with very simple mechanics that can be played by anyone, anywhere. There are a few different themed editions out there and in this post I will present the original as well as The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies. So either don your finest robes or grab your elven dagger and let’s get going!

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