Kick It! #5 (I’m back!)

Hey everyone! I’m back! I had a great time doing archaeological work in Jordan, and I’ve settled into my new apartment. So back to keeping this baby going! I thought I’d start with some Kickstarter highlights to ease us back into activity, but a new review should hopefully come up next week. I have not been able to reply to any emails you guys might’ve sent yet, but I’ll get to them asap. So let’s have a look at some kickstarters shall we? This week I’ll be highlighting 5 games (instead of three, to make up for the downtime) whose campaigns will be ending soon: a game card game about the Donner Party stuck in the Sierra Nevada, a big co-op set in Victorian London, a quick card game about colonising Mars, a dark but funny game about creating and destroying families, and a classic Japanese abstract strategy made easy for beginners. So let’s go!

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Leagues of Adventure, Rocket Race : be first to the moon!

It’s 1898 and the century is drawing to a close. Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria has decided that by the turn of the century, Britain shall have placed a man on the moon and incorporated it into the great British Empire. So time is ticking, and all the Leagues of Adventure wants to be the one who launches that rocket and wins the admiration of the Queen and the Empire. In the game Leagues of Adventure: Rocket Race you all race to the finish line, trying to build the best rocket you can before your opponents and pray lady luck is on your side so that your launch is successful. Now strap on your goggles and gather your best scientists, it’s time to race for the moon!

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Chickapig : herd your chicken/pig hybrids to safety!

While I was moving I was contacted by a guy called Brian who asked if I was interested in trying out his new game Chickapig. Of course I was! So across the big Atlantic these chickapigs flew, and landed on well, my balcony. The inaugural game for both apartment and (my first own) balcony became Chickapig. I received a prototype as the game has not been released yet. So yes, this is a preview! In this cute and simple game you are trying to get your chickapigs to simply cross the board. Why? To get to the other side of course! So let’s have a look shall we?

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Kick It! #4

It’s time for another post of Kickstarter highlights! actually, next week I will share my first full Kickstarter preview-review with you guys, but that particular game won’t be live for another month or so. Instead, this week we’ll take a look at two dice driven games – one about the struggle for the crown of the kingdom, the other all about building fun steampunk inventions. And to top it all off, a tense 10 minute deduction game for two players. Time’s ticking, so let’s go!

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Kick It! #3

This is going up a little bit early because I want to remind you that tomorrow is International Tabletop Day! Check out the official website and see if you can find an event near you, or just create one yourself. And while we’re at it with announcements, I want to let you all know that I now have a gaming only Instagram which features lots of pictures of tabletop games. I’m updating pretty much whenever I’m playing something, so join the fun!

Now, let’s have a look at some more Kickstarter games shall we? This week we’ll steal some wallets during a party, paint masterpieces and sell them for food, and serve up some good alcohol to dwarves and wizards deep within a mountain. Join me why won’t you?

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