Machi Koro Harbor Expansion : invest in the waterfront

Two weeks ago I reviewed the core game of Machi Koro. In that review I said that one of the issues with the base game is the static market, and that the expansions changed this for the better. I have the Deluxe edition of the game which includes both the Harbor Expansion, which we will look at here today, but also Millionaire’s Row which introduces another feature but sticks with the new market that Harbor (it hurts to spell it like that btw) introduced. So, if you have never played Machi Koro before I suggest taking a look at the original post, because I will not go through basic gameplay here today. This will only be a look at the Harbor Expansion and how it changes the gameplay for the better. So let’s jump straight in shall we?

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Carcassonne : the classic tile laying game

There are a few games that can be considered true modern classics. Carcassonne is one such game. In it you are recreating the beautiful historical French countryside complete with walled cities, roads, cloisters, and fields. I have a newer edition of the base game, Carcassone 2.0, which is what I will present and review for you today. It comes with the mini expansions The River and The Abbot, which I will review towards the end of this post. This edition also has updated art, which I really like. The cities have a darker ground compared to the walls, both blue and red roofs on the buildings (which there are more of as well), and even some trees! The art is overall more detailed and looks really nice, especially with the added River mini expansion. Now, lets get to building those cities and roads!

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