Abstracts and bluffing – not for me!

Hey everybody, sorry for the missing update last week. I’ve barely been home and my apartment is a big mess due to some renovations and as such I thought I’d just write a Musings post, rather than try to find a way to photograph a new game for you. So what to write about this time? I’ve thought about making some informational posts telling you about different types of games, or gaming terms you might’ve heard thrown around. But those posts tend to grow very big, and mostly just become lists. I will write one about terms some day though, cause I feel it’s important. And it will probably have to become a series of shorter posts to not overwhelm you. That said, I thought that today I’d just tell you about one game genre and one game mechanic that just do not work for me at all. Many people love them, but we all have different tastes and that’s good! As you have already seen by the title, my probably least favourite genre of game is Abstract strategy, and I really dislike bluffing games. But, what does that really mean and why doesn’t it work for me? Just keep reading and I’ll explain…

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Chickapig : herd your chicken/pig hybrids to safety!

While I was moving I was contacted by a guy called Brian who asked if I was interested in trying out his new game Chickapig. Of course I was! So across the big Atlantic these chickapigs flew, and landed on well, my balcony. The inaugural game for both apartment and (my first own) balcony became Chickapig. I received a prototype as the game has not been released yet. So yes, this is a preview! In this cute and simple game you are trying to get your chickapigs to simply cross the board. Why? To get to the other side of course! So let’s have a look shall we?

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