Kick It! #5 (I’m back!)

Hey everyone! I’m back! I had a great time doing archaeological work in Jordan, and I’ve settled into my new apartment. So back to keeping this baby going! I thought I’d start with some Kickstarter highlights to ease us back into activity, but a new review should hopefully come up next week. I have not been able to reply to any emails you guys might’ve sent yet, but I’ll get to them asap. So let’s have a look at some kickstarters shall we? This week I’ll be highlighting 5 games (instead of three, to make up for the downtime) whose campaigns will be ending soon: a game card game about the Donner Party stuck in the Sierra Nevada, a big co-op set in Victorian London, a quick card game about colonising Mars, a dark but funny game about creating and destroying families, and a classic Japanese abstract strategy made easy for beginners. So let’s go!

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Quick update

Hi you guys!

I guess some of you might be wondering why there hasn’t been any new posts the past month. Moving to a new place and getting a job for the summer has made it hard for me to find time to take gaming photos and such. I still also need to figure out the best way to do it here at the new apartment.

I am also leaving for a three week archaeology project in Jordan very soon, so getting ready for that takes up some time too. But once I’m back home I will work hard finding a good setup for photography here and get back to blogging.

I hope you have patience with me and I’ll see you all in October!

Timeline : do you remember your history?

Some people love history, others couldn’t care less. Some people are great at remembering dates, others horrible. I love history but I am atrocious at dates. Luckily exact dates are not integral to archaeology (unlike history, as an academic field) so I’m fine. Now, despite being really bad at dates I got more and more intrigued by a series of small card games completely based around the dates of different events. This series is called Timeline and is currently published by Asmodee. It’s a neat little educational game which is great fun and might even teach you something in the process. So fire up your memory banks and reach back to your school years and well, your own experiences – it’s time to play Timeline!

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Abstracts and bluffing – not for me!

Hey everybody, sorry for the missing update last week. I’ve barely been home and my apartment is a big mess due to some renovations and as such I thought I’d just write a Musings post, rather than try to find a way to photograph a new game for you. So what to write about this time? I’ve thought about making some informational posts telling you about different types of games, or gaming terms you might’ve heard thrown around. But those posts tend to grow very big, and mostly just become lists. I will write one about terms some day though, cause I feel it’s important. And it will probably have to become a series of shorter posts to not overwhelm you. That said, I thought that today I’d just tell you about one game genre and one game mechanic that just do not work for me at all. Many people love them, but we all have different tastes and that’s good! As you have already seen by the title, my probably least favourite genre of game is Abstract strategy, and I really dislike bluffing games. But, what does that really mean and why doesn’t it work for me? Just keep reading and I’ll explain…

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Leagues of Adventure, Rocket Race : be first to the moon!

It’s 1898 and the century is drawing to a close. Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria has decided that by the turn of the century, Britain shall have placed a man on the moon and incorporated it into the great British Empire. So time is ticking, and all the Leagues of Adventure wants to be the one who launches that rocket and wins the admiration of the Queen and the Empire. In the game Leagues of Adventure: Rocket Race you all race to the finish line, trying to build the best rocket you can before your opponents and pray lady luck is on your side so that your launch is successful. Now strap on your goggles and gather your best scientists, it’s time to race for the moon!

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