Diary of a playtester

As you know, a game takes a long time to get to that beautiful piece you bring to the table. And many many versions of the game have come and gone before that – from flimsy notes to sturdy almost finished components. And all along the way playtesters have been needed. From partners in crime and family, to friends, to the greater public. Newbies and seasoned gamers, and of course gamers with all possible tastes. You have to be able to find your target group!

As a reviewer and gamer I will happily playtest a game. Since I’m rather new in the community, and live in a somewhat remote country, I haven’t exactly had many opportunities. Usually playtesting also requires the tester in question to print their own copy of the latest prototype and go from there. And that is always tricky. Now I do have a father with some connections, but I can’t ask him to print deck after deck of cards you know? But during spring I signed up to playtest a game by a Swedish publisher (and I think I should be receiving the finished copy once they get it out on the actual market) and it was good fun bringing it to my student game group and trying to figure out what worked and didn’t. And just recently I stumbled upon a small game that was in the public playtest phase and just looked so darling that I had to give it a go. So I thought, why not start another little thing on the blog. Not a review or a highlight or musings on a specific game topic, but a kind of diary. Or maybe this is just another type of musings? Anyway, let me tell you a little about the two different playtests…

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Abstracts and bluffing – not for me!

Hey everybody, sorry for the missing update last week. I’ve barely been home and my apartment is a big mess due to some renovations and as such I thought I’d just write a Musings post, rather than try to find a way to photograph a new game for you. So what to write about this time? I’ve thought about making some informational posts telling you about different types of games, or gaming terms you might’ve heard thrown around. But those posts tend to grow very big, and mostly just become lists. I will write one about terms some day though, cause I feel it’s important. And it will probably have to become a series of shorter posts to not overwhelm you. That said, I thought that today I’d just tell you about one game genre and one game mechanic that just do not work for me at all. Many people love them, but we all have different tastes and that’s good! As you have already seen by the title, my probably least favourite genre of game is Abstract strategy, and I really dislike bluffing games. But, what does that really mean and why doesn’t it work for me? Just keep reading and I’ll explain…

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Beginner’s luck

I love beginner’s luck. And I don’t mean that I love that I can win in a game I’ve never played before. No, I mean I love losing to beginners. That statement should make it pretty clear that I am not a sore loser. Nor am I an obnoxious winner. I just really enjoy the process of playing the game, and people who take it too seriously tend to rub me the wrong way. As long as we have fun, I don’t really care about the outcome. Sure, I will totally chuckle evilly when things go my way and not yours, and I will be happy when I win, but I won’t be a douchecanoe about it.

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Welcome everyone, to The Casual Meeple!

My name is Rebecka, I’m a Swedish geek and a casual gamer. I find that a lot of game oriented pages are quite hardcore in their gaming, which might make them a bit daunting to access. And really, the same goes for a lot of the gamers themselves. There is a lot of talk of so called “gateway games”, which partly makes it sound like those are the kind of games you play before you get to the proper ones. That is not exactly true, and a lot of hardcore gamers like to play easier games as well. Then there’s me. My favourite kind of game is the easier, gateway type game. I am not much for heavy strategy and I like a good measure of a luck element to be present. I want to be able to play a few games in an evening, not spend five hours on the same one. Friendships should be celebrated with some goodhearted competition, not crushed by aggressive slaughter of the weaker players.

I am not part of a dedicated game group who meet up with regular intervals to play boardgames, and I find it very difficult to even get a group together on an irregular basis. As such a lot of my gaming happens one on one and therefor a lot of the games written about on this blog will be games that work well for two players, or the post might be about why they don’t even if you can play them with just two people.

The process of getting the blog to look good is still underway. It will improve in the coming days and/or weeks. I might be slow getting started with posting but sooner or later there will be posts about actual games.

I hope you will join me on this journey of casual gaming!