Quick update

Hi you guys!

I guess some of you might be wondering why there hasn’t been any new posts the past month. Moving to a new place and getting a job for the summer has made it hard for me to find time to take gaming photos and such. I still also need to figure out the best way to do it here at the new apartment.

I am also leaving for a three week archaeology project in Jordan very soon, so getting ready for that takes up some time too. But once I’m back home I will work hard finding a good setup for photography here and get back to blogging.

I hope you have patience with me and I’ll see you all in October!


A quick note!

Hi there guys!

I just wanted to let you know that I am in the middle of moving to a new place, and finishing up the semester’s (my last probably) school work. With very little free time, and the need to pack up both games and table, it will be hard for me to keep up the schedule of a review a week and biweekly kickstarter highlights.

I do however have one post scheduled, which is not a review but just musings on the concept of beginner’s luck. I also have pictures taken for two game posts, but have to finish editing them as well as finishing the second post in terms of writing. Hopefully I can find some time to do that, but just know that if there’s a week with nothing this is why. I am not giving up on the blog, not at all. I will return!

Remember to follow the Casual Meeple on Instagram! There’s always something happening, and I always try to answer comments there. And by all means, send me messages on the blog, email, instagram, or BGG if you want.

Now I shall continue packing, and I hope you’ll all have a great second half of May filled with lots of games!