About the Casual Meeple

The person behind the meeple is me – Rebecka. Hi! I’m in my 20s, live in Sweden, a Master of Death (no lie, there’s a certificate and everything), a bonafide geek, a lil weirdo, and an avid but casual gamer. I love co-ops, so called gateway games, and Kickstarter is far too enticing for my own good.

The Casual Meeple is a blog about games from the viewpoint of someone who plays, well, casually. There will be no heavy strategy games blogged about here. While it will most likely consist of gateway games there will probably be a couple of slightly more challenging ones too eventually. A lot of games will be played as two-player games when possible as that’s how I most commonly play games. There will be reviews and presentations of games, as well as musings on gaming in general. Every now and then I will highlight a few games on Kickstarter for you to check out and maybe even back.

If you want to interact with me on BoardGameGeek.com (the number one site for gamers out there) my username is pockifish. If you see a game in my collection there that you want me to write about, just send me a message!

I have a dedicated tabletop Instagram at @casualmeeple. It’s filled with pictures of games so if you use Instagram and like gaming photos, follow me there! And if you want to talk more, there’s also Twitter!

I hope you’ll like it here and maybe I’ll help you to find a new game to play! Don’t be shy – comment! And feel free to send me an email at casualmeeple@gmail.com or simply use the Contact Form.



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