Kick It! #4

It’s time for another post of Kickstarter highlights! actually, next week I will share my first full Kickstarter preview-review with you guys, but that particular game won’t be live for another month or so. Instead, this week we’ll take a look at two dice driven games – one about the struggle for the crown of the kingdom, the other all about building fun steampunk inventions. And to top it all off, a tense 10 minute deduction game for two players. Time’s ticking, so let’s go!


Dice of Crowns

diceofcrowns.pngThe king is dead! That means the crown belongs to no one anymore. Do you want it? Of course you do! As does everyone else. Who has a rightful claim? Does anyone even have the birthright? Maybe fate as something else in store, and of course… no one is above good ol betrayal!

Dice of Crowns is a pure dice game where collecting sets of symbols shown on the dice will grant you tokens showing your right to the crown through claim or fate. But of course, you can also use your dice to stab your opponents in the back! I think the game seems really neat, and it comes in a nice tin. It’s also cheap! Having a portable dice game is always good. It’s so nice being able to pop a game in your bag when you head off to somewhere. And the only thing you need for dice is a flat enough surface! Hey, you might even be able to use the tin. So it’s a great outdoor type of game too. I’m really looking forward to this one as it’s a dice game with player interaction and take that mechanics, while still being light and easy.

Back it here!

This campaign will be running until June 29th, and it’s going really well. But we still have some stretch goals to reach so join me in backing this neat lil dice game!

Nerdy Inventions

NI_3D_BoxIt’s time to strap on your trusty goggles and get to tinkering! In Nerdy Inventions you’re well, inventing things. By rolling dice and assigning them to specific cards you can acquire inventions. These can then be used to get other inventions by manipulating dice or the invention row etc. In that sense it’s a bit of an engine building game. Each invention is also worth a certain number of victory points, which is of course how you eventually win the game – just have the most victory points!

This game is by Mayday Games – an established game publisher you can trust to deliver your kickstarted game to you. This is a way for them to gauge the level of interest and bump up the quality a bit. I think it looks like a neat little game. I love the theme, and the artwork looks really nice too. Also, gotta love cheap international shipping!

Back it here!

The campaign ends July 8th, so there’s still some time. The game is already fully funded and chasing stretch goals. I have personally backed this one as well so why not join me to make sure we get the best game possible?


fugitiveMaybe you’ve heard of the game Burgle Bros by Tim Fowers before? If not – it’s a co-op game where you are trying to pull of a heist in a high rise. And now there’s a game about the escape! In Fugitive one player is well, the fugitive, and their opponent is the Marshal who is out to get them. Each side plays very differently. The Fugitive is playing a king of bluffing game, trying to throw the Marshal off or faking big jumps. Meanwhile the Marshal plays a deduction game, trying to figure out where the Fugitive actually is.

Everything is played using numbered cards (so you can try it out with any such numbered cards really) that feature really great art. It even comes in a really neat box that looks like a briefcase. Tim Fowers has some really successful Kickstarters behind him, so you can trust that this game will get made and be of excellent quality.

Back it here!

This campaign will run until July 10th, and has already blown past the funding goal and many of the stretch goals. But why not get in on it right away?


If you want me to play your Kickstarter game (be it prototype or finished) and review it fully, I would very happily do so. You can use the Contact Form to get in touch, and I’ll get back to you real soon.



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