Kick It! #3

This is going up a little bit early because I want to remind you that tomorrow is International Tabletop Day! Check out the official website and see if you can find an event near you, or just create one yourself. And while we’re at it with announcements, I want to let you all know that I now have a gaming only Instagram which features lots of pictures of tabletop games. I’m updating pretty much whenever I’m playing something, so join the fun!

Now, let’s have a look at some more Kickstarter games shall we? This week we’ll steal some wallets during a party, paint masterpieces and sell them for food, and serve up some good alcohol to dwarves and wizards deep within a mountain. Join me why won’t you?


exposedYou’re a pickpocket, attending a party where you will of course try to get some good wallets during the evening. But other thieves are also there, and you’re all trying to figure out who’s who while trying not to get Exposed yourselves.

This is a game of deduction and secret identities. You move around a modular board made up of all the party guests (of which some are your thieving opponents in disguise) by swapping tiles. While you want to steal as much as possible from the people adjacent to you, you also don’t want to expose yourself. If someone correctly guesses who you are, you lose! To win either get 7 wallets, or be the last guest left unexposed.

The art for this game is really neat, and it seems like a fun mechanic swapping tiles around and choosing which surrounding guest to steal from without raising suspicion. There’s also free worldwide shipping which is always nice! And there’s even a money back guarantee if you don’t like the game, which I have never ever seen on Kickstarter!

Back it here!

The campaign runs for another week, until May 8th. It’s already fully funded.


Starving Artists

starvingartistsStarving Artists is a resource management game all about finishing classic masterpieces. The base of the game is actual art from famous artists (well, printed on playing cards of course!), which you are aiming to finish by placing transparent acrylic cubes of the correct colour in their designated squares. As the designers put it: you’re a paint-by-cube artist! But, you’re not rich and you need to manage your time well to be able to get food and survive. Buy new canvases, work to get new paint, finish paintings, and at the end of the day sell them for food – and maybe you will become the greatest artist of them all!

While I’m not sure I like the overall visual design of the cards, I do really enjoy the fact that you’re working with easily recognisable famous pieces of art. Each card gives you the name of the artwork, the painter, and the year it was finished. So playing this game should automatically teach you something about art as well. Isn’t that neat? You can also upload your own choice of artworks (maybe even painted by you) and get the rest added for you to then print at home and add to your copy of the game. Want more cats or dragons or kids’ drawings? Just upload and print! Overall I just think it seems like a really neat game.

Back it here!

This campaign will be running until May 19th, and it’s going well!

Cavern Tavern

IMG_4373Deep within the mountain is a tavern, where people of all the races can gather to eat and drink and be merry. Your job is to keep that merriment going by manning the Cavern Tavern. 

This is a worker placement game using dice, for 2-5 players. It is also a resource management game and you have to fulfil orders from the tavern’s patrons, while of course keeping up with your supplies and making sure the nasty barkeep is happy. There is some luck involved due to the rolling of the dice, but most is strategy based on careful choices of dice placement as you can divide or double up depending on what you want to get done.

The board looks really great and I love the birds eye view of the tavern hall with all the different races like trolls and elves sitting around table. The card art is really neat too and the art style fits very well with the theme. The Kickstarter reward also comes with cool custom dice, which I always appreciate. Once the campaign is over you’ll only be able to get these dice on conventions, through BGG, and other similar venues. The cool dice won’t be included in the  product that ends up in game stores. So if you think this seems like a game for you, you definitely should pick it up through the Kickstarter!

Back it here!

The campaign ends May 20th. It’s doing well, and they’re already way past their goal. So this game is happening!


If you want me to play your Kickstarter game (be it prototype or finished) and review it fully, I would very happily do so. You can use the Contact Form to get in touch, and I’ll get back to you real soon.



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