Kick It! #2

It’s once again time to highlight a few games on Kickstarter. I hope you liked the previous post and maybe backed one of the featured games. This week I’ll be showing you a cheap and small card game, and abstract classic that got an amazing facelift, and a sneak preview of a party game all about mad victorian inventions and adlibbing. So come on in and let’s have a look at Terrible Monster, Santorini, and Great Scott!

Terrible Monster 

monsterTerrible Monster is a micro card game for two players. You are two powerful leaders who are battling it out in a swamp, trying to be the first to summon a terrible monster from the murky depths. The game consists of cards and tokens which you use to battle and counter each other’s attacks, as well as summoning monsters (of which there are three). Basically you are trying to kill each other in that swamp.

It only takes about five minutes to play and consists of 16 cards + 5 Kickstarter exclusives (so 21 cards if you get it now). This means that it’s an excellent game to keep in your pocket or purse, and whip out wherever and whenever. It shouldn’t take up much table space either. The art is pretty neat I think, and possibly best of all: it’s a really cheap game.

Back it here!

The campaign ends April 14th. So if you’re interested, hurry and back it so you’ll be sure to get a copy! It’s already fully funded.


santoriniSantorini was conceived about 30 years ago by Dr Gordon Hamilton, and was self published in 2004 as a purely abstract game with simple white wooden tiles and domes, and four cards with some special powers to liven it up a little. It’s a pretty well liked game and now, many years later, it has been given a major facelift, a bit of a re-imagining, and a proper publisher. It’s not labeled as an abstract game anymore, but as pure strategy. And oh is it beautiful!

The aim of the game is simple: be the first to step up to the third level. The basic gameplay and rules are simple as well, as you just move to a neighbouring space, then add a building level to a now new neighbouring space. When you add a section on top of the third level you make that a pretty blue dome and no one can access that building anymore (and therefor not use it to win). It’s all about strategic movement and building, making sure only you profit from your actions. The game also comes with gods and hero cards that give each player a specific power to be used throughout the game. For example, Atlas lets you build domes on any levels and Artemis lets you move twice. Many gods and heroes are added as the campaign moves along, and I read somewhere that they have 100 of them already designed.

The look of the game is magnificent! Instead of simple wooden pieces like the original, it’s now made up of intricate plastic pieces that fit together nicely. Even the board itself is 3D with an ocean board as base, a raised earth pedestal, and an island board on top on which you build your city. Each player also gets two builders – one male and one female, which is pretty neat. The boxart is great, as is the art for all the cards. It is just a beautiful beautiful game.

Back it here!

The campaign will be running until April 28th. They blew past their goal after only a day, and the stretch goals just keep rolling in.

Great Scott!

scottThe inaugural game for new game publisher Sinister Fish will be Great Scott! – a party style card based game for 3-5 players. You are mad inventors of the victorian era, and your aim is to become to Royal Inventor to Queen Victoria herself. How do you do this? Invent the craziest contraption, explain it to your fellow inventors, and impress the the queen of course!

The inventions are made up of two types of cards: assets and concepts. Assets are either animals, vegetables, or minerals, while concepts can be either destructive, productive, or transportive. Each invention is made up of three concept cards and two asset cards, and with 150 cards in the deck that makes for an insane amount of different inventions so the replayability value is really high. You get these assets and concepts through classic card drafting where you keep one card from your hand, then pass the remaining cards to the next player, you pick a card from the new hand you got, and so on until everyone has finished inventions in front of them. Then comes the fun part: explaining why your invention is a must-have revolutionary new creation that will wow the Queen. Why is the Colossal Cactus Burning Bee Booster the coolest thing everyone must want? Commendations are given to the players you think created the best inventions and had the funniest explanations, and additional scoring is based on card values, categories and, which I think is a really fun idea: alliteration!

I think it seems like a really fun party game with a great theme. The possible inventions you can come up with are pretty much all ridiculous which will make for hilarious explanations. The art on the cards is absolutely beautiful, fits excellently with the theme and time period, and I love it. The campaign also has free worldwide shipping, which I personally appreciate greatly.

ETA: The campaign has now launched! Those of you who read this post during the first few days got a little preview but now it’s live.

Back it here!

The campaign will be running until May 5th, and as I edit this in they have been live for about a day and are 53% there. So go on, back it and make the game a reality!


If you want me to play your Kickstarter game and review it fully, I would very happily do so. You can use the Contact Form to get in touch, and I’ll get back to you real soon.



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