Kick It! #3

This is going up a little bit early because I want to remind you that tomorrow is International Tabletop Day! Check out the official website and see if you can find an event near you, or just create one yourself. And while we’re at it with announcements, I want to let you all know that I now have a gaming only Instagram which features lots of pictures of tabletop games. I’m updating pretty much whenever I’m playing something, so join the fun!

Now, let’s have a look at some more Kickstarter games shall we? This week we’ll steal some wallets during a party, paint masterpieces and sell them for food, and serve up some good alcohol to dwarves and wizards deep within a mountain. Join me why won’t you?

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Elder Sign : make sure the Ancient One is sealed away!

Arkham is not a safe town to be in, but you’re seasoned investigators used to all the horrors that fall upon this place. This time the danger seems to lurk in the museum at Miskatonic University, and it’s your job to work together to solve mysteries in the museum and close the portal before the Ancient One awakes. So grab your trusted dice, and try to not go insane, because it’s time to play Elder Sign

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Kodama : please the tree spirits

In Japanese folklore Kodama are spirits who inhabit trees, and cutting down such a tree would invoke a terrible curse. Of course you’re not one to go around felling trees with spirits living in them – instead you’re the caretaker of the forest and the Kodama. In the new Kickstarter funded game Kodama: The Tree Spirits from Action Phase Games, you are tasked to cultivate a beautiful tree and keep the Kodama living in it happy. Tend to their needs, and grow new branches thoughtfully, because whoever cares for their Kodama the best will be the foremost guardian of the forest and win the game.

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Kick It! #2

It’s once again time to highlight a few games on Kickstarter. I hope you liked the previous post and maybe backed one of the featured games. This week I’ll be showing you a cheap and small card game, and abstract classic that got an amazing facelift, and a sneak preview of a party game all about mad victorian inventions and adlibbing. So come on in and let’s have a look at Terrible Monster, Santorini, and Great Scott!

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