Kick it! #1

As you might have noticed I’m a big fan of Kickstarter as a platform for new games getting the opportunity to see the light of day. I’ve decided to start featuring a few games every other weekend or so (for now), so you too can discover new games and maybe even new game publishers/designers, and of course help them reach their goal. These are just going to be short little highlights with information lifted mostly from the KS page itself. If I get an early review copy, or once I get my hands on a finished game that was kickstarted, I will of course write a big proper review with nice pictures like my regular posts. So let’s kick off (hah, get it) with three games that are currently live on Kickstarter: Pegged InSmall Star Empires, and Watchmen of Destiny.

Pegged In

peggedinPegged In, from Connecting Neurons, is an abstract game for 2-5 players akin to the old classics. It’s played with pegs on a circular board made of primarily of wood and takes between 15 and 30 minutes. It is a game of both chance and strategy, where you simply aim to have the most pegs pegged in to your home section by the end of the game. Using the result of two dice you can place your pegs in your home, or steal pegs from other players. So game wisely.

The designers of the game (graduates in product design, mechatronics engineering, and astrophysics – how cool is that?) call it a “customisable game” as each board is laser cut with your choice ot rim and peg design (if you want of course), and even giving you the choice of having the bottom layer and pegs be in a brightly coloured acrylic. The rules can be customised as well, making it a game suitable for all kinds of players. They even suggest playing it as a drinking game! The absolutely gorgeous and hand assembled wooden board is almost a work of art in and of itself. This looks like a game that I would proudly feature as (functional!) art in my gaming area.

Back it here!

The campaign will be running until April 6th. The game is already funded so you know it will be made!

Small Star Empires

Main Story Image - Smaller Box_deSmall Star Empires, from Archona Games, is a small area control game for 2-4 players set in space. It is played on a modular board which creates a lot of variation and replayability. In the game you colonise planets and establish trade stations (by placing markers on the board) to claim the biggest part of the galaxy. It plays in about 15 minutes, is easy to learn, but still requires a great deal of strategy.

This is the first original tabletop game to come out of Macedonia, which is think is really cool. It also looks really great with simple but effective artwork and a clever board design. One of the stretch goals is a mini expansion with unexplored tiles which I think will give the game a very nice extra depth.

Back it here!

This campaign will be running until April 12th, and has also met its goal.

Watchmen of Destiny

destinyWatchmen of Destiny, from new designer Lukas Litvaj, is a card game for 2-5 players that takes about 10 minutes per player to get through. It is a hand management card game in which you’re commanding an army of adorable little animals. You’re task is to hire seven watchmen that will protect the Tree of Destiny. They need to be paid and kept warm during the nights back to the King’s Castle, so you need to choose strategically to have the strongest army and receive the King’s reward.

The art in this game is absolutely beautiful and adorable. With each class of watchman having different abilities, and with different items that can influence both you and your opponents, this seems to be a game with some tough decision making while still being super cute and small.

Back it here!

The campaign will be running until April 13th. It has been funded and the stretch goals are coming along nicely.


If you want me to play your Kickstarter game and review it fully, I would very happily do so. You can use the Contact Form to get in touch, and I’ll get back to you real soon.



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