Welcome everyone, to The Casual Meeple!

My name is Rebecka, I’m a Swedish geek and a casual gamer. I find that a lot of game oriented pages are quite hardcore in their gaming, which might make them a bit daunting to access. And really, the same goes for a lot of the gamers themselves. There is a lot of talk of so called “gateway games”, which partly makes it sound like those are the kind of games you play before you get to the proper ones. That is not exactly true, and a lot of hardcore gamers like to play easier games as well. Then there’s me. My favourite kind of game is the easier, gateway type game. I am not much for heavy strategy and I like a good measure of a luck element to be present. I want to be able to play a few games in an evening, not spend five hours on the same one. Friendships should be celebrated with some goodhearted competition, not crushed by aggressive slaughter of the weaker players.

I am not part of a dedicated game group who meet up with regular intervals to play boardgames, and I find it very difficult to even get a group together on an irregular basis. As such a lot of my gaming happens one on one and therefor a lot of the games written about on this blog will be games that work well for two players, or the post might be about why they don’t even if you can play them with just two people.

The process of getting the blog to look good is still underway. It will improve in the coming days and/or weeks. I might be slow getting started with posting but sooner or later there will be posts about actual games.

I hope you will join me on this journey of casual gaming!


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